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Introducing the LEVITATING MOON LAMP, the ultimate solution for those who want to experience the magic and wonder of the moon in their own home. Our lamp is designed to levitate above its base, creating a mesmerizing and captivating display that is sure to impress.

Our levitating moon lamp is a unique and one-of-a-kind product that is perfect for anyone who loves to add a touch of enchantment and mystery to their home. The levitation technology creates an otherworldly effect, making it seem like the moon is suspended in mid-air.

Our lamp is also designed to provide a soft, warm glow that is perfect for creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere. It is made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, ensuring that it is safe for use in any room in your home.

The levitating moon lamp is not only a stunning decorative piece but also a practical one. It features a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing it to be used without cords or wires. The lamp is also energy-efficient, ensuring that you can enjoy its beauty without worrying about high electricity bills.

Don't settle for ordinary and mundane home decor. With the LEVITATING MOON LAMP, you can experience the beauty and wonder of the moon in your own home. Order now and experience the benefits of our unique and captivating product for yourself - the ultimate solution for adding enchantment and magic to your home.


  • Moon light color temperature: 2700k-5000k (depending on which light mode, total 3 light modes)\
  • 3 light mode: warm white (3500k), white (5000k) and yellow warm (2700k)
  • Power input: 12V- 1A AD adapter (included)
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