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A jewel for self-improvement and calmness

With our hand-selected crystals, you will attract an aura that will protect you from unwanted negative energies. Our richly colored stones are made to make sure you are aware of unwanted negative energies.

The effects of stone

Rhodonite is a powerful healing agent for emotional and physical wounds. The stone is often used as a sedative in oppressive and threatening situations. It is therefore good for people who suffer from panic, confusion or fear. In the event of quarrels and conflicts, rhodonite can also be of great benefit. It helps to forgive and stimulates reconciliation, mutual understanding and friendship.

Imperial Jasper is a spiritual stone that activates all of the torso chakras. It is known to balance and protect the wearer from negative influences and impacts. As a nourishing stone, it helps those suffering from addictions, stabilizes emotions and reduces anxiety.

Sometimes we think of everything and everyone, except ourselves! Self-love is very important because when one learns to take care of oneself, it becomes a gift for the other.

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