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TOTO WASHLET S550e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

TOTO WASHLET S550e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

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The TOTO WASHLET S550e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with ewater+ and Auto Open and Close Contemporary Lid is a luxurious electronic seat that provides a superior clean with warm water, offering an unparalleled bathroom experience. Say goodbye to rough and ineffective toilet paper and enjoy the comfort of warm water cleansing at the touch of a button.

The WASHLET features TOTO's advanced ewater+ system, which transforms water into a safe and powerful compound through electrolysis. This innovative technology mists the bowl after each use, keeping it hygienic and clean without harsh chemicals. Additionally, the Premist function sprays the bowl with water before each use, preventing waste buildup and ensuring a clean bowl.

The TOTO WASHLET S550e is equipped with a sleek, illuminated touch activated remote with 2 user memory to save preferred settings. It also boasts an auto open and close lid and seat, which is sensor-operated and detects the user for a more convenient and seamless experience.

This WASHLET provides an array of features including a tankless, instantaneous water heating system, eliminating the risk of running out of warm water. The built-in nightlight adds a soothing ambiance to your bathroom, and the redesigned lid style lies flush with the toilet bowl, giving the impression of an integrated system.

The minimalist display provides a sleek and subtle appearance, enhancing the modern look of your bathroom. The improved sensor performance ensures reduced sensitivity of auto functions, further enhancing a tranquil and relaxing experience. The WASHLET also includes an automatic air purification system that removes odors while sitting on the seat.

With front and rear warm water washing and five adjustable temperature and pressure controls, you can personalize your cleansing experience. Choose between oscillating or pulsing stream options, and enjoy the heated seat and warm air dryer with five adjustable temperatures.

The elongated WASHLET bidet toilet seat comes with included mounting and connection hardware, and the quick-release feature simplifies cleaning of the WASHLET and toilet. Upgrade your bathroom experience with the TOTO WASHLET S550e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with ewater+ and Auto Open and Close Contemporary Lid.

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